Hue Hub with GE link bulbs

Hey guys. I have spoken about it briefly and some posts but I was wondering if anyone else was having the same trouble I am with the GE link bulbs connected to the Hue hub. The GE link bulbs never seem to respond to any routines. Although they are linked to the hue hub, they are always unreachable through the Hur app. Alexa can never see them either. I can manually turn them on and off through the ST app as well as the hue app If I use if I use A routine that turns the lights on, they work fine. When I use a routine that turns the lights off the GE bulbs always stay on. I talked to support and they are confused and looking into it. Just wondering if anyone else is having this issue?

Nope… My GE Links though Hue Bridge work fine.

It may be ZigBee network problems? Try changing your Hue channel?

And you are a genius sir. Works perfect now!


I know… But it’s great to see it in print! :blush:

Glad I my idea helped…

How do you change the channel?

In the Hue app go to settings, my bridge and then there is an option to change the channel at the bottom.

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They stopped responding again today. I’m ready to give up.

Yeah, I’ve changed the channel before too with the same effect. Works great for a day or two.

Anyone have experience with the GE bulbs paired to the ST hub? Any better? I’m tempted to buy some Lux bulbs. My Hue bulbs seem to work every time. It’s just the GE bulbs.

It’s just the GE Links… I myself have had to ‘sort out’ three in the last two days, I’m done, working on alternative solutions for cost effective BR30’s/can lights.

The following topic might be of interest:

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Can anyone here confirm that with the current Hue Firmware situation, that GE Link bulbs will connect to it reliably?

Any gotchas in this process?