Hue Hub, Hue Remote....Non-Hue Devices


I have a few switches connected to my Smartthings Hub (3x Tradfri, 2x Hue Dimmer Switch). These seems to be the weakest links in my smarthome setup as they regularly lose connection.

As a result of the above, I was thinking about buying a Hue Hub and connecting the switches (which currently operate either non-Hue zigbee bulbs or WiFi plugs) directly to the Hue Hub in order to improve reliability.

If I did this, does anyone know if I would be able to set-up my remotes (which would then be connected to the Hue Hub) to operate non-Hue devices/bulbs that are connected directly to my Smartthings Hub?

Thanks for your help.

Not through the official integration: it only sees lights. See the community FAQ for other methods:

FAQ: Hue accessory devices with smartthings? (2019)

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