HUE bulbs out from hue hub an into ST

Need a stronger zigbee mesh outside, want to turn three bulbs into ST zigbee mesh.
Have anyone removed some HUE bulbs from HUE hub, and the joined them in Smartthings with success?
And if so, have you successfully managed to get hem back into the HUE hub later on if you want to?


Zigbee bulbs, including Hues joined directly to the SmartThings hub, cause problems on the SmartThings zigbee network because they will accept a message to be repeated and then not repeat it. This causes people to think there is something wrong with a motion sensor or contact sensor when in fact the sensor was just fine, it was the bulb that was not passing its messages along.

There’s an official comment about this in the support article on the Osram bulbs, but it applies to other brands as well.

The hue bulbs don’t have this problem when they are connected to the hue bridge and only repeating for other devices connected to that bridge.

Anyway, this behavior means that most community members are no longer trying to use them as ZHA repeaters as they might end up making your Mesh weaker rather than stronger. :disappointed_relieved:

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Extremely helpful info!!! thx @JDRoberts

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