Hue bulb without Hue Bridge?

Snakedog, Did u manage to sort your problem…? I have exactly the same issue. My brand new ST hub not finding the White hue bulb as a thing. I tried bringing it very close the the hub, waited a long time. Nothing happens. I just a hue bulb, no bridge. Thanks if anyone could help.

Sorry no, I ended up returning the bulb.

I managed to connect. I simply reset the hub with a pin on the hole at the back of the hub. Voila! ST recognised it as a “thing” I then chose GE link bulb as the device handler and it works brilliantly now. Guess I was lucky.

You reset the smartthings hub?

Do you then lose all settings and other devices?

Yes. I reset the hub. I guess you will lose all the settings. It was not applicable to me as this was the first thing I was trying to add.

Can I link 3 bulbs to ST directly?

November 2017: This worked perfectly for me. Thanks VERY much!

Trying to get this Philips Hue bulb working with ST:

I don’t have a Hue bridge, nor do I plan to get one - I think this should be possible from what I’ve read on here, and I’ve tried various branches of @Sticks18 devicetype but nothing seems to work :frowning:

New to ST but Live Logging doesn’t show any obvious errors - just can’t get the bulb to turn on! Ideas anyone?

I don’t see this handler available any longer. Do you know what happend?

Sometimes we have to learn the hard way. :grin:

When you want to remove a bulb in the future or add more bulbs later or you want your lights operating independently if the SmartThings hub dies or has an outage, by having the Hue Bridge and the Hue app, you always have a secondary way to control all your bulbs. The Hue App is also great for creating scenes based on the current lights settings, color and brightness and also having the ability to create widgets on your phone for each of these scenes.

Just trying to save you the pain and suffering down the road for the small extra cost today. :grinning:

I do appreciate that it is a relatively small cost to some people, but it’s another piece of kit that I don’t want and shouldn’t need. It’s something else to add to my over-burdened wireless, and another thing with cables that I will have to find room for. Another thing to power cycle, another thing to debug / faff with when things don’t work. Small reasons I know, but all I want is a cheap light bulb that I can switch on and off - I don’t need different lighting settings, or scenes - I just need it to come on based on an event.

If you are browsing the list of compatible light bulbs through the SmartThings mobile app it kind of implies that the Hue bulb is supported as is - it’s not until you click to the Support Article you see that the bridge is needed, and for me those types of articles aren’t usually read until you hit problems. Not the best user experience when it’s made a lot more obvious on the web page!

So, just because it works and others have successfully added / paired them directly with SmartThings doesn’t mean it isn’t needed. Look up all the issues these folks have had trying to remove, update it add another bulb later that have installed directly without a hub.

So coming across this, I would have thought that this would make the light bulb come on for you (pun intended). The Hue bulbs are supported with the Bridge.

For anyone who has the money to spend $30 to $60 on a Hue bulb should budget in the extra cost of one bulb and purchase the Bridge so they are installing the supported mehod of adding to SmartThings. That’s fine if you want to skimp on costs or cut corners, but there is a price for it and was just tying to save you the aggravation and future issues that more than likely happen somewhere down the road. If they don’t, good deal and count yourself lucky. Good luck :sunglasses:

I have read them, and I’ve seen an equally similar amount of people who have got it to work. I understand the challenges that come with removing a bulb and then trying to use it with the Hue bridge, but not aware of any issues with just removing a bulb? Are there issues where you get stuck with the bulb and can’t remove it from SmartThings hub?

The cost isn’t a factor in my approach, but it’s mounting up when all I want is a bulb that switches on / off.

  • the bulb I have cost me $20 at todays xchange rate)
  • a hue bridge, another $55
  • I will need to get a network switch as my router doesn’t have a spare port so that’s probably another $20.
    So - just shy of a $100…!

My main issue is around the other factors I mentioned - more kit to power, reboot, shout at when it doesn’t work, more load on the wifi, etc. - for something that is really the most basic of use cases!

I am thinking that I will just forget Hue as an option and see if I can get my hands on one of the other (severely limited) options for bulbs.

Thanks for the input and advice - genuinely appreciated!

It is absolutely not true that a similar number that have gotten it to work without the bridge. Most of the people using it with the bridge don’t have any trouble getting it to work, so they don’t post as much. But it’s only a very small percentage of people trying to get it to work without the bridge, and many of them run into some kind of problem, even those who are experienced zigbee engineers. :disappointed_relieved:

One of the problems is that using the Hue bulb without the hue bridge can damage the message carrying network for your other zigbee devices. That’s just a fact, and is one of the primary reasons why both Phillips and SmartThings tell you to use the bridge. I understand the desire for simplicity, but the hue bridge is very reliable, very easy to use, and not very expensive when averaged over the cost of all the devices connected to it.

See the FAQ:

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I should have been clearer - what I meant is that it of those that have tried without the bridge it seemed an equal split between failures / success. Wasn’t trying to compare with those that use the bridge as I suspect there are oodles of them :smile:


Another major advantage about using the Hue Bridge with all your bulbs is in the event that SmartThings goes down (your hub powers off or the cloud has issues), well you still have 100% control of all your Hue Bulbs through the Hue App. Having that additional functionality is what @JDRoberts refers to as a “Plan B” and what I refer to as a “Backup Plan” or “Escape Route”. With the major outage that SmartThings / All of us experienced last week, this would be one reason to have things like this in place to create some sort of redundancy or offset capabilities so that you don’t end up dead in the water.


Hi there

I’ve been using two hue lightstriplights directly with smartthings (no hub) with no problem for about 5 months.

Now for no apparently reason for the last 23 hours they have stopped working (report unavailable) in smartthings app despite me rebooting the hub. I can’t remember if there was a particular way to pair them but tried cycling them on and off and they searching for them in add new thing to no avail in case they just needed readding.

Can anyone help or Advise?

Fyi about 6 other osram and hue bulbs have stopped working too at the same time
But I’ve managed to repair the osram ones

I just purchased a bulb, I only need 1 since the rest are on smart and dumb switches. It showed up as a Thing which I added. It was fundamentally broken as a thing so I went into IDE and made it a zigbee light bulb. I can now control it perfectly for dim, on/off. It’s a non essential bulb since it’s just over my bed for nighttime routine and comes on for fire alarms. If I find a deal on fleebay on a hub I might get the hub but $50 for a hub to control a single is out of my reason.

Not a the direct answer to this question : SmartThings has released a direct Cloud to Cloud integration for Hue
This would mean that users who don’t have a SmartThings hub, they can on-board their hue integration directly with all the key functionalities.
A hue bridge is required.
This integration can be found under - SmartThings app home page > Philips Hue brand > Tap on Lights > Tap on “Philips Hue without SmartThings Hub”

I wish I would have seen this thread earlier, before trying to pair about 30 bulbs in my house with the Smartthings Hub directly that were connected to the Hue Bridge before. Some of these are Ikea Tradfri that are easy to pair with anything (and cheap as well) without problems. The original over-expensive Hue bulbs do not pair with Smartthings. I guess the only advice I can give is that if you still need to start adding smart lighting to your house, avoid Philips/Signify. They do not comply to Zigbee IoT standards (just ZLL) and will lock you into using their hub with limited capabilities.

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