Hubitat->SmartThings "Mirror" BETA testers wanted

A few options come to mind.

  • You could use HubiThings Replica to replicate your existing Harmony devices over to HE. It would use the ST cloud API to control/subscribe to events that your existing Harmony devices in ST generate.

  • Mira could help you as well, but you’d need to create a virtual device on the HE side:
    – Create a virtual button or switch in HE.
    – Mirror that virtual back to ST using Mira, which creates a ST side virtual button or switch.
    – Create routines that when your Harmony button is pressed, it presses (or turns on) the ST virtual. This will replicate the press or toggle over to the virtual in HE.

I’m adding you to the thread to try out Mira if you’d like to go that route!