httpPost with password

(Jed) #1

Hi- I’m a relative newbie to Smart app coding and Groovy.

I would like to make an HTTP post to the Pushbullet API, which requires your API key as a password.

I have tried this:

def pbNote = [
PASSWORD: “$pbKey”,
uri: “”,
path: “/v2/pushes”,
body: [“type”:“note”, “title”:“Garage Warning”, “body”:"$msg"]

But I get an “Unauthorized” exception.

Any ideas? I don’t need to see the response, I’m not going to bother handling an error (though, I would prefer than an exception doesn’t crash the program, and it just tries again).


(Kevin Tierney) #2

Have you seen this thread? The code is all there to do notifications via pushbullet

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #3

Can you use the http://user:password@url format? I’m pretty sure that’s what the other Pushbullet solutions are doing:

def url = "https://${apiKey}"

(Jed) #4

Pfffft. I didn’t even think to look for a PB solution. I’ll check it out, thank you.

(Eric R) #5

Just FYI - the api key for PB is the username for the api, not the password. The password is left blank. That is why it is user@url instead of user:password@url

(Jed) #6

Huh- thank you.

I had written a small API in their V1 with some other code; the password is being passed as the PASSWORD, not the user. And that works, even though I do get an “unauthorized” in the body. I’ll check that, maybe this is a V2 thing?

Anyway, thanks for the help. I have the PB integration working!