How to use a simple wifi module to make a remote camera viewer?

Problem background:
I’m trying to use the ESP32 WiFi module to make a remote camera viewer project. My goal is to be able to remotely observe and take photos in order to monitor a specific area from different locations. I’ve got some preliminary setup going, but I’m having some difficulty with a specific aspect of the project.

my question:

 How do I connect an ESP32 to a camera to be able to take photos or live stream video?
 Is there any library or sample code for ESP32 that can help me communicate and control the camera?
 I want to be able to observe the image from a remote location. How do I set up a web interface so that I can access the camera's images remotely over the internet?
 Are there any suggestions that can help me ensure that communications are secure to prevent unauthorized access?

Additional information:

 I have done basic programming on an ESP32 and have some basic electronics and networking knowledge.
 I have a camera module but I'm not sure how to integrate it with the ESP32.

I would like some guidance on connecting cameras, remote access, and security so that I can successfully complete my remote camera viewer project. Thank you for your help!

The smartthings home automation platform (which is what this forum is for) just isn’t very good with cameras of any kind. There’s pretty limited integration, so most people end up building their project independently. It sounds like that’s what you’re trying to do.

In that case, you’ll probably get more help in a forum which covers that kind of topic, and isn’t constrained by the limitations of the smartthings architecture.

There are inexpensive camera modules available for the ESP 32 platform which are very popular, but they don’t work with smartthings.

Here are a couple of good examples of what people usually do:

ESP32-CAM Video Streaming Web Server (works with Home Assistant) | Random Nerd Tutorials

But there are lots of other ways to do something similar with standalone cameras, but as always, it will depend on the specific features of the brand/model you are considering.

You will probably get the most help in the Reddit ESP 32 subforum, so you might want to post there: