How to (truly) automate Danfoss lc-13 thermostats?

Dear all,

For a while now I’ve owned two Danfoss lc-13 thermostats. Currently, the only way to change the temperature is to manually tap the up and down arrows in the app in 0.5 increments. Really frustrating tbh.

I’ve been in contact with support about this lack of automation a couple of times, and it’s my impression that the update I’m looking for will never come, as the Danfoss devices are not recognised as thermostats in the backend.

I’m really eager to get this working as it has great potential for the energy usage for us Danfoss thermostat owners. Would it be possible to program a custom piece to work together with the published device handler to solve the problem? I’m really green in this area but willing to invest time to solve it.

I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to go about this.

thank you!

SOLVED: This is solved easily in the CoRE smartapp.

We’re working on changes to this device (and to Routines, and to our Voice services) to properly support single-mode-only thermostats.

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@Frederik_Larsen, did you manage to create a useful piston in WebCoRE? I’m currently working on one that does the following:

  • Switch on/off via virtual button
  • Keeping a stable room temperature by measuring the temperature from a second sensor
  • Switches off when window/door is open

I could really use some input if you already managed to create a similar piston :slight_smile:


I’m really keen to hear how you get on with this.

I have a nest system and would like to take the set point from the nest and use this as the set point on the LC-13

I have Remote TEMPETURE sensors in all rooms and there fore can use these to regulate the LC-13s

I actually lost patience with the LC-13 and removed them all yesterday.
Was just going to package up and eBay but if you have a working solution this would be awesome

Hi David!

I managed to create a piston that controls the lc-13 by measuring the temperature from another sensor. Right now it turns on and off in order to maintain a room temperature between 22,2 and 22,4 degrees Celsius. When I’m not home, I’ve created a virtual button that shuts down the lc-13.
Still working on including the door/window sensor so when a window is open the lc-13 shuts down.

It’s the closest thing to fully automating it - at least what I’ve tried. Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but I can send you the piston :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey Mr Rubarb,

If you would be willing to share this would be a great starting point.

Can I also ask what remote temp sensors you are using?

Really appreciate your prompt response



This is exactly what I’m looking for!!!
My idea was to use a samsung multisensor to read the room temperature and monitor the opening of the window.

Does it look like it’s possible?
I have to read tutorials about this webcore…

Sorry for the late reply!

Here’s what I’ve done on webCoRE - sorry about all the IF statements :smiley:

  • I’m still trying to figure out how to make the Danfoss LC-13 turn off when I open a window

I’m using a Netatmo Weather Station connected to SmartThings. There’s a device handler somewhere in the forum. But really, you can use any device that measures temperature :slight_smile:

Hi nleitao!

Sure. It’s totally doable, but I’m still figuring out how to make the LC-13 turn off when opening a window or door. Right now my code on webCoRE is kinda messy with a lot of IF statements, but I’ll try to make it work later this week. I’ve just installed the last door/window sensor - I’m using the Fibaro sensors.

Take a look at my snapshot from webCoRE. You can try to import it :slight_smile:

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My initial solution looks alot like mrrhubarbs

Please note that ST in the mean time has made it possible to select single heating devices when setting up automations. This makes simple actions easy to set up, but custom pistons are still preferrable for multuple triggers imod.

Don’t turn it off, just lower the temperate of it to a minimum, that can work. :smiley:

On app I lost ±buttons… Is there any help?

Same here! Why is this happening @SmartThings?

Old app is still working.I have downloaded again and it responding nicely!