How to send multiple read attributes at once?

I wanted to know if it was possible to send multiple read attributes at once. So instead of doing

zigbee.readAttribute(0xDC00, 0x0000) +
zigbee.readAttribute(0xDC00, 0x0001)

I could do something like this instead

zigbee.readAttribute(0xDC00, 0x0000 && 0x0001)

*Note: this code doesn’t actually work - it’s just to demonstrate what I am trying to do

This way only 1 readAttribute needs to be sent (since both attributes are in it). This would reduce air traffic a great deal.

I know that ZigBee devices are able to process multiple “readAttributes” at once as well as send out multiple attributes at once too. So I just wondered if there was such a feature available on the ST API?