How to move SOME devices from Home 1 to Home 2

I just linked my KASA account to SmartThings. It brought all my KASA devices in all to one Home. I need to move some of those devices to my 2nd Home on SmartThings but can’t figure out how to do it.
Any suggestions from the EXPERTS?

The one option I (not an expert) can think to get them at the second Home is to use an Edge Driver - I am assuming you have hubs at each Home. The bad news is there is no option to pick and choose which devices go on which hub. It would be all on both. Do you have two hubs and if yes, are both your hubs in one Location or two Locations in the ST app? I imagine if you have two hubs that are in one ST location in your app, it would lead to multiple devices being listed which could be messy.

I have seen an Edge Driver but it doesn’t support all Kasa devices at this point. That has more to do with the ST side though. I have some outdoor Kasa dual plugs that were found using the Edge Driver but basically do not function. It is only one device so if you don’t have it, you will probably be fine.

Here is the thread on the TP-Link Edge Driver with the channel invitation:

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If the tp-link integration is used on hub 1 and your Edge driver installed on hub 2, they would only get the devices that are same network as hub 2 so I would be wrong above about devices on both hubs. It would only be all Kasa devices in hub1 and the local ones to hub 2?

But if they used Edge drivers on both, they would only get the devices on the local network?

Thanks to the folks that responded. I really appreciate your input and suggestions.
As it turns out when I linked the KASA account to my SmartThings app it posted the devices on both of the home pages. Then I just deleted the devices in the home that they were not located. Easy as it could be.
When I first checked I saw that they were all placed in House 1. I failed to look at house 2 before I posted my question.
I should have investigated it a little more.
But, thanks again for your help.

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