How to have a Fibaro dimmer match another device’s dim level?

Today I have a Fibaro Home Center 2 and I have a scene where a Fibaro dimmer copies the status from another Fibaro dimmer. For example, if the primary dimmer dims to 73%, then the second dimmer will automatically dim to 73% as well

The reason for this configuration is that the slave dimmer is built into the ceiling and lacks switches. And I want to switch from Fibaro to Samsung but do not want to move all devices from Fibaro to Samsung if I can not solve this :slight_smile:

Is there anyone who can help me with this?

I believe you can do that in the new ST app with something called a Lighting Group. I’d like to verify that for you, but unfortunately the new app is crashing for me when trying to add a new lighting group.


You can group lights as it was described, but then you need to change on the group the brightness. If you change them individually, then they will have different values. But there are some old SmartApps intended for this

Or you can use WebCoRE or 's rule engine to define, if a changes, then change b too. Etc.
There are multiple ways to do similar things.

This is trivially easy using the Smart Lighting SmartApp. Works in either the classic or new SmartThings app.

Create an automation to have the slave dimmer mirror the other dimmer.

Smart Lighting will run locally on the hub so no annoying cloud delays


Sounds easy, but I can’t find the right way to do it. Could you describe it step by step? :smiley:

First, install the Smart Lighting SmartApp if you don’t have it.


  1. Go to Automations, SmartApps. This can be done in either the classic or new SmartThings apps. Smart Lighting data is one of the few you can use interchangeably on both apps with no confusion or conflicts.

  2. Select the Smart Lighting SmartApp

  3. Select “New Lighting Automation”

  4. Under “Which DevIces Do You Wish To Control”, select your “slave” dimmer, then tap Done

  5. Tap “What Do You Want To Do” and select “Mirror Behavior”

  6. You will now have “Mirror Which Switch”, tap it and select your master dimmer, then tap Next

  7. Give it a name if you wish and Save it

  8. Save again at the list of all Smart Lighting automations.

Lovely - thanks a lot. Really appreciate it!