How to get notification with user from keypad lock?

I have a Yale keypad lock, and different people in my family have different codes. Whenever someone unlocks with a code, SmartThings logs the code, which I can see in the Things tab entry, Recent Activity.

However, to get notifications, I added it as a “door”, and those notifications don’t show the code. How can I get the code in the notification?

Lock: Yale YRL-210-ZW-619
Hub: v. 1

Instructions I followed for getting notification: How do I set up lock/unlock notifications?


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Should check out lock code manager. It won’t show the code but I believe it will notify that “Door unlocked with Code 1”

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Do you know the Lock Code Manager:

I don’t use this kind of notifications, but I guess you can ask how to set them up in the thread…


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