How to connect Tuya compatible 2 gangs Zigbee Switch module

You can find it when logging to your IDE account here:
After logging select you location and under my devices select any device you want

i searching for the same things great discover but how will convert it to smartthings?

This is an issue for sw engineers.
I understand in hw. Also, I have some examples for Tuya protocol handlers but not for two gangs switch. If you think you can help. PM me and I’ll be happy to send you a module for DH development…

Thanks for your help so is some example not working device handler… So can you post it here maybe help me meybe not cause I do not know much about developing…

I thought that was easy someone that have small knowledge of smartthings handlers to convert the hubitat one

i have xreate also this thread

the only way is to donate someone to do it for us… as we do not know how

i create a handler that work with it but only the 1st of the 3 gangs is a good start at least