How to configure a simple dimmer? (Have one dimmer device follow another)

I have a Leviton DZ6HD-1BZ (wall mount, Z-Plus dimmer) and I would like the dimmer toggle to control the brightness level of 2 Cree Connected lightbulbs. I have configured the Smart Lighting app on iOS to have the Leviton wall mounted dimmer turn these lights on and off, but I have been unable to figure out how to have the dimmer toggle control the brightness level of these lightbulbs.

I feel like I’m missing something fundamental as it seems this would be a common function for a dimmer. I’ve searched the forums and looked a little into the software, but have been unable to make any progress. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have the v2 hub if that matters.Thanks.

unfortunately, I’m not sure you can do what you’re expecting here.

You should never have a dimmer switch that controls the current flow to a smart bulb as the two devices can confuse each other, and you can actually burn out the dimmer switch. It doesn’t matter whether the dimmer switch is a smart switch or a dumb switch. You want a smart bulb to always receive the same amount of current and then the bulb will decide for itself how to set its brightness level.

The “not suitable for use with Standard dimmer switches” and “dimmable in app only” cautions apply to the use of Zwave dimmer switches as well.

So if you have the Leviton switch controlling the current to the light fixture, then that fixture should only have a dimmable dumb bulb in it.

If by chance I am misunderstanding you, and the two cree connected bulbs are not on the same circuit as the switch, then, yes, you can set it up so that the switch talks to the smartthings hub and the smartthings hub talks to the bulbs. We say that the bulbs “follow” the switch. This counts the same as “in app” dimming because the current level to the bulb is not being changed.

If you can confirm that the switch is not on the same circuit as the bulbs, then we can help you with the information for how to set up the bulbs to follow the switch, as there are several different ways to do that.

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The switch is not on the same circuit as the bulbs. Can you provide
information on the different ways to set this up? Thanks.

Thanks. OK, in that case you should be able to do it with Core, and you may be able to do it with Trendsetter or one of the other dim synchronization Smartapps.

All of these are community – created code, because, as you’ve noticed, there is no way in the official features to have one dimming device follow another.

If you haven’t used custom code before, it’s pretty straightforward. Basically you’re just going to copy someone else’s code and paste it into your own account.

Here’s the FAQ on using custom code:

If you’d like to move forward with that, you can find trendsetter and other lighting smartapps by using the quick browse list in the community – created wiki and looking on the lighting list:

Alternatively, you could go straight to Core. It should be able to do what you’re asking, but the setup is much more complex.

So to go back to your original question, you didn’t miss anything – – the official features don’t really have a straightforward way of grouping dimmable devices at the present time, whether they are bulbs, Switches, or a mixed group . But fortunately the community developers are very creative and you do have a number of choices. :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the help. Let me gives these options a try.

Thanks for the help. Tried Trendsetter but couldn’t get it to work. I ended
up using the “Dim With Me” app and after a slight modification to the code
I got it to work. (code modification from this thread:
Dim with me not dimming)

Thanks again for the help.

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