How to add device with custom DTH?

I’ve created my first SmartApp, and have copied the code for an existing app that uses replacement device handlers for Hue lights. I’ve created the new device handlers, and published both the app and the device handlers.

I’ve removed my “stock” Hue bridge and all the bulbs… now how do I add them back, using the custom device handlers?

Nevermind, I think I figured it out (change device type to the new DTH)

Does the community still exist. All the links take me to “OOPS”

The community is still very active. They recently did a re-organization of the forum, and it looks like a few of the links were broken, although most of them still seem to work. Anyway, I have updated the broken ones.

If there are any that are still broken, let us know. :sunglasses:

Can just regular users like me integrate a DTH anymore. Nothing looks like what it used to. I have a DTH for a Utilitech water sensor I would like to use, because the Everspring one isn’t working. I’m logged in but cannot even find My Library anymore…

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Logged in where and what is “My Library”? On the community?

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You can still work with custom DTHs in the IDE, and indeed Groovy DTHs are still THE way to integrate hub connected devices. I’m not aware of any particularly significant change in the IDE in the last couple of years that I’ve been using it.

What is ‘My Library’?

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My “My Library” do you mean the IDE, the web interface to your account? There used to be a link in the upper right of the forum that would take you there, but it was removed a few months ago.

The URL: should take you to your account.

Or did you mean something else?

If it was something within the IDE, someone else will need to help you.