How to add an iPhone without installing the app

Hi, now this might sound stupid but is there a way to add an iPhone as a presence sensor without installing the smarthings app on that phone.

If I install the app then surely it exposes all of the system to another phone … and I am not sure I want to do that , but I do want the other person to be detected when they arrive home or depart

Any suggestions are welcomed …thanks

Most people use the life 360 app for this purpose. It’s a free service and there’s an official integration with SmartThings.

Alternatively, you can use IFTTT presence and have it turn on a virtual presence sensor through the SmartThings IFT TT service/channel. The difference between this and the life 360 is that life 360 does allow you to track the other person throughout the day, and that might be too much information, say for a housemate situation.

The IFTTT alternative requires a little more set up, but you can just get a report at a specific location, like now arrived at the house. You don’t get the whole tracking thing.


Thanks JD , I had forgotten the app was already installed which a separate account on the other phone, so I just updated that and turned off notifications …so far works a treat.

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How to you create a virtual presence with IFTTT?

I already answered you in your other post., Details are in the presence FAQ: