How to add ADT Smartthings Hub?

So I just got the ADT Hub today. New in shrink. After it turned on and ran thru its updates, it showed the activation code. I typed it into my smarthings app, but an error code showed. The screen on the hub tho went back to the main page. Now when I try to add the hub, it says that the hub has already been activated, but it doesnt show in my app. What do I do? I have tried a reset, but to no avail. The code never changes.

I made a change on our end, can you factory reset the panel as described here:

Starting at “3. Reset the ADT Security Hub to initial factory settings”.


Wow. That worked! Thank you!

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I encounter the exact same issue. I’ve tried reset the hub several time but the Smarthing app kept saying the hub is already activated. Please help. Thank you for your time.

Have you found help

It doesnt work for me either. Unplugged power and batt for 24 hours, still has all its settings and never produces the welcome screen.