How the heck do I change a door lock combo?

Hey, all. I’m not a smart home guy. I wanna get that out of the way. I’m pretty knowledgeable in networking and shit like that, but these things are an enigma to me.

My mom has a property with a schlage BE469 lock that historically has worked fine via the smart things app.

But she is trying to add a lock code for a guest that will be staying there, and she can’t figure out how to add, edit, etc any codes.

I downloaded the app as well and did not have any luck with it. I watched YouTube videos and stuff, but no content that was applicable to me.

Can anybody help me on this?

In the app, I can see the lock, in the devices menu. It will lock and unlock no problem, but there’s just not any means by which to edit lock codes?

I’ve seen a bunch of conflicting information, like the classic app works but the new one doesn’t, I’ve seen people say exactly the opposite.

I just want to get to the bottom of this

Thank you

You will need to install the Smart Lock Guest Access app. Once installed, you would open it and in the upper left hand corner of the screen you will see Locks with a black pull down button that you can click on and select Lock Codes.

Side note: availability of Smart Lock Guest Access depends on what region you are located. If in US, it is available. Other regions outside of US, it may not be available to install.

If not available, an alternative is to use LUM from @RBoy apps or you can use it in place of SLGA if you desire. It does offer more functionality.


Thank you for the reply. Does somebody need to be at the lock location in order to get it linked up to the new app?

I looked up smart lock guest access app and no such app came up in the app store, but the schlage app is what was the first result

I have a lot to learn with these lol

SmartApps and SmartThings “services” don’t come from the regular App Store, they are smartthings features.

The official ones, like smart lock guest access, are installed from inside the smartthings app.

Here’s The official support article with the instructions. Again, though, as @jkp mentioned, this is not available in all countries.

If it’s not available in your region, Rboy is an independent third-party developer who offers custom code behind a pay wall. His code is very popular for providing advanced features and works in all regions.

The US thing didn’t click for me since my mom and I are both Americans.

The lock is in my mom’s vacation condo in Mexico.

The smart things app does not show the guest lock thing you were talking about, so fair to say the fact that the lock is in Mexico will prevent it from working, despite the fact that we both reside in the USA?

Yes, the region lock is based on the physical location of the hub.

Thanks for all the help. Realistically, what would the easiest solution be? Would rboy’s app be the simplest solution?

And would someone need to be there in Mexico in order to make this all work?

Thank you all