How Should ST Architecture Handle Composite Devices?

Up to a point. Matter drivers, in particular, seem to already be as modular as they want them to be, and could be more so if they were exploiting more library code. Default handlers doesn’t seem to be the in thing yet for Matter.

I just feel there is something less than ideal about the way fingerprinting and device profiles works. There having to be implicit profiles for every required combination of capability in the driver packages just seems nonsensical.

Rather than a driver specific fingerprint file matching a fingerprint to an implicit profile name, I’d like to see a global fingerprint database matching a fingerprint to an actual real device profile with the ability to override the profile ID as well as the driver at the device level.

In reality though the controller platform will have resource limits and design constraints, and then there is the problem of usefully presenting an arbitrary device in a UI in a useful fashion. So there quickly comes a point where the manufacturer needs to be managing expectations and getting more involved with the platform.

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