How Rboy Apps Changed My Life, Literally

A small investment in RboyApps software has changed my life, literally. I have a spinal cord injury, meaning I’m paralyzed. My health is really poor because of the secondary illnesses associated with my injury. That also means my time left in this world is also severely limited. I have doctors, nurses, therapists, caregivers, and family coming to see me on a daily basis. They’re all doing their part to keep me comfortable, so I can die peacefully in my own home. By installing Smartthings, LUM, Device Handler, and a Schlage lock, it gave me all the features I need to grant the medical professionals access into my home when they needed. Prior to your software, I was getting out of bed, transferring onto my wheelchair, and going to my door to let them in – at least 6 times a day. That process took me 15 minutes per incident, minimum. Now they all have codes that only work on scheduled times, and I never have to get out of bed and spend all my energy just opening the door. I’m not a sentimental man. I’m not afraid of death. But I am grateful when apps like yours simplify my life and allow me to spend my remaining time with family and loved ones, instead of unlocking a door to allow people in. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Wow. That’s powerful. @RBoy @maddie


What an awesome show of gratitude given your situation. May your time here on earth be filled with those things that matter the most. :pray:t6:


I myself am quadriparetic. Hands free control of the front door lock was my first home automation project back in 2014 for the same reasons: lots of people coming back and forth that I needed to let in. And physically finding unlocking the door very difficult.

This was from my project report at that time:

One) The front door lock. Man, I can’t even begin to list the problems I had with this before we got a smart lock. I had problems myself opening the door. I have levers on most of the interior doors, and a service dog to help me, but I didn’t want the dog to be able to open the front door by himself. And I didn’t feel hundred percent certain that housemates and their friends would remember to lock it every time. I also have home health care workers that come and go, many of whom do not have smart phones. Nor did I necessarily want to give a sensor device to all of them.

It’s amazing how much difference technology can make! :sunglasses:

I’m truly sorry to hear about the challenges you are facing now from the secondary illnesses. All we can do is play the hand we’re dealt. I really appreciate your taking the time to let @rboy know How much his apps have helped you. Not only is it good to return some of that energy, it also helps inspire other people to look for solutions for their own situations. Paying it forward. :sun_with_face:


Thank you Sonny for taking the time to post this powerful and unforgettable message. We are so grateful to know that we’re making a meaningful difference in people’s lives.


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