How is there still no ST supported rule engine?

Smart Things has been out for a while now. I’ve tried their actual supported “smart” apps but turns out they only do extremely simple tasks. I started using Rule Machine a few months ago and it was awesome. After that went unsupported, I tried Smart Rules but now that is going supported.

How has Smart Things not fully supported a rule engine by now? It is obviously in high demand but there not even an attempt to try to support an actual rule engine. The smartapps they have in their marketplace are almost useless with how limited they are.

Tasks are constantly not working, randomly. It gets so old, really fast.

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CoRE is a rule machine replacement. This thread is thus ands of posts long, but should get you started. CoRE is (to me) even more powerful than file machine.


Another good thread that I read through to help with the introduction to CoRE. As @dc1515 mentioned, it is a very powerful app that you can make do pretty much anything you can dream up. It is still a little bit buggy here and there, but it’s still in beta, but works pretty good for my home automation needs.