How can I use IFTTT when SHM changes state?

I want to have a visible indication if my alarm is on or not.

I can see that I could use the Blink(1) USB light connected to a raspberry pi, but I can’t work out how to get IFTTT to send a message if the SMH state is changed to Away (or anything!)
Is it possible to set IFTTT to react on the Smart Home Monitor status or is it only connected with actual devices?

Alternatively, any other options for a visible indication that the alarm is on? I don’t want to turn on a full light, just a small indicator.

You didn’t say which version of the mobile app you are using. Each has a feature called “smart home monitor” but they are actually completely different features, not synchronized with each other, and they just happen to have the same name. :scream:

Since there are multiple ways to change the SHM armed state, if we are talking about the classic version, I think the only way to capture a change even if it was just somebody toggling it in the mobile app is to use webcore. Have webcore turn on a virtual switch, and then it’s the same process we use for many different IFTTT integrations: you just have IFTTT react to that virtual switch going on or off.

Here’s the FAQ for that

And here’s the FAQ for webcore if you’re not familiar with that yet

If instead you are using the new app, “smartthings (Samsung connect)“ ( abbreviated STSC), I honestly don’t know if its SHM armed state changes are visible to Webcore not. Asking the webcore forum, and the folks there should be able to help you.

I have a virtual switch called “alarm armed” tied to my routines that arm and disarm SHM. Switches turned on when armed and off when disarmed. This will only work with Classic.

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Thanks very much for the replies. I didn’t even think of making a virtual switch. I’ll give that a go.

@JDRoberts, thanks for all the links too. Makes it so much easier for me to go through it all. I use webcore for a few things already so I’ve got a good idea how that works.

I’m using the Classic app because the new app won’t show the SHM stuff (its a location restriction thats in the new app which support couldn’t tell me why it exists!).