How can I have my Aeron Siren give a short beep when a door is opened or closed?

When you press the beep button in the mobile app, does it beep more than once?

Can you open live logging from the IDE, open the door that makes it beep, wait for it to finish beeping and then post the contents of live logging?

When I manually push the button, it only beeps once. When the door opens or closes, that is when there are multiple beeps

Please let me know how and where I get that log you want. Thanks.


If you open the IDE, you should see a link at the top for Live Logging. It’s in the same menu as My Locations, My Hubs, My Devices, My SmartApps, etc.

Are you using a regular door/window sensor or is it a multisensor that also detects vibration?

Hi Kevin

I hope you can help. I have used your device handler for the Aeron Siren. I’m looking to have when door opens beep siren. I have it all working and the siren beeps when I open the door. but it only does it once.

I’m using custom alerts in the “Smart Home Monitor” when I open the door contact is says “open” the siren beeps. I then have a red flashing alert in the Smart home Monitor. I close the contact , it says closed. I then open again and I never get a 2nd beep alert. i have to go in to the monitor clear the intrusion alerts. and then it works again but only once. I’m using the Custombeep command. any help would be great. all I’m looking to do is door opens beep every time it opens.

Many thanks


It sounds like you set it up in the “Security” section, but if you want it to sound every time you should create a new monitoring rule in the “Custom” section of Smart Home Monitor.

HI Kevin

Many thanks for the info I’m using commands


is there a command that when door opens the siren only uses the strobe function and no sound?


when I go in to SMarthome there is listed

I access custom then new monitoring rule, it asks what kind of device do you want to use.
the options are open/close etc I select sound senor then done
it says "there are no devices of this capability.

any thanks would be great thanks

Hi Kevin

I got it all to work now so when door opens the siren plays a beep.

I used custom sound 3,2,5,1000,50 would like the option to jsut have strobe flash but cant get the syntax correct. thaks

That’s not possible with this device.

If you’re looking for a device that can use the siren and strobe independently you should look at the Dome Siren.

thanks for your help all up and runnning

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