Hot water boiler monitor

I have an oil burning forced hot water boiler as the primary heating source in my house. Has anyone come up with a way to monitor the appliance? I have been looking for a temperature sensor that I can attach a probe to and then tape to the pipe but haven’t found one that is currently available. I consider myself relatively new to ST and home automation. Any help would be appreciated. ~Jason

What country are you in? Device selection does vary somewhat. :sunglasses:

Also, what model, if any, of the smartthings hub do you have?

I am in the Northeast United States and I have version 2 of the Hub

Then it’s pretty simple. As you mentioned, you’re going to use a probe that can handle the temperatures and tape it to the boiler with the appropriate insulation. And wire it to a device that can communicate to smartthings.

See the following discussion thread:

(The topic title is a clickable link)

Thank you! I just ordered a Sonoff TH16 with the DS18B20 sensor. In reading some of the forum posts it appears the device is easy enough to flash with the ST compatible firmware. I’ll keep you posted, thanks again! ~Jason

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After attempting to flash the Sonoff device with the new ST firmware I’m pretty sure I bricked the device. Giving up on this option, thanks for your help though. ~Jason

A little late but… Way back when I had an iobridge. Basically a 4 channel digital I/o plus a to d converter. This was before smartthings existed. When I bought v1 smartthings I adapted an xml parsing handler to read the real time data from the iobridge. I had the temps logged as well as a pulse counter recording the seconds the oil pump ran… To get estimate of oil used. Fast forward…iobridge is no longer available and there is no good way to do a to d to zigbee or zwave outside piecing things together. I moved…took it all with me and am now trying to find a better way to do what you are asking. I need to…brainstorm… can a basic sensor with temp monitoring be deconstructed and a probe wired in place?

My zigbee creation has 4 analog channels, 4 digital outputs, and 2 digital inputs. And you can optionally add an arduino for infinite additional features.