Honeywell smartswitch 3way problem

Need some help with this. I have Two Honeywell smartswitches and in separate wall gangs. Each has 2 Honeywell add on switches for 3 way purpose. Apparently, there seems to be interference Between each other when switching on or off. When smartswitch is used, no problem. When the add on smartswitch is used then it switches the correct lights and most of the time triggers the other light. Is it because these switches are not designed to have more than one 3way system? Or is the sensitivity on the traveler wire to much. Already invested heavily with two smartswitches and 5 add-on switches.

You are describing a 4 way, not a 3 way. (3 switch locations = 4 way in the US.)

It sounds like it is not Wired correctly. These devices are designed for up to five switch locations, but the wiring is different than the wiring for the dumb switches that you are replacing.

Using an add-on switch will allow you to control your Smart Switch from up to 5 different switch locations

Contact Honeywell/Jasco support, they should be able to help you figure out what’s wrong.

Thanks for your advice. Jasco support is closed for the holidays. You are right about the 4-way and 3-way.
My question was about if anyone else has experienced a possible feedback when switching on or off an add-on switch when there is another add-on switch next to it in the same wall gang? It seems to me it picks up a signal from each other. They share the same neutral and ground wires, the traveler goes directly to the smart switch. All switches work but they sometimes set off each other. Has anyone had this problem before.

That should not happen if the devices are wired correctly.

These are rebranded versions of the Jasco/GE switches. The firmware is different, but the wiring is the same.

See the 3 way FAQ, it might give you some ideas.

[FAQ] GE 3-Way Wiring

Not a lot of help, as I don’t have your exact configuration - but I do have two add-on switches used in two separate 3-way configs in separate switch boxes that are stacked one right above the other, and have never had any issues.

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Post your wiring of these. Either diagrams or clear pictures.

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