HomeSeer HS FLS100+ multi function motion not populating correctly in "New" ST app?

Hi Team! I just migrated from ST Classic to “New”.

I have a Home Seer HS FLS100+ outdoor motion sensor. Designed to replace an outdoor motion sensor on flood lights and porch lights etc… Thus that fixture gains an on/off switch in ST and ST gains another motion sensor.

The device handler is fantastic. In ST Classic I can see the device as both a motion sensor and switch. But now after the migration I can only see the on/off swtich, no motion sensor???

Is this a device handler issue, or will a bunch of reboots, rediscovery pain get it reconfigured?

Device handler. Contact Homeseer to see what their plans are.

I installed mine today. Handler shows on/off, motion, lux. See below… created an automation and everything is available.