HomeKit intergration?

It will not happen for the restriction reasons above :wink:

That’s OK because this works really well https://github.com/nfarina/homebridge with this https://github.com/pdlove/homebridge-smartthings


I still can’t get that working. I’ve given up now (though I’m not a programmer).

I’m all for homekit integration, or Siri integration at the very least seeing as they’re opening it up to third parties.

That’s a good point. Is that Siri is being opened up, Homekits biggest advantage goes away basically and levels the playing field on iOS.

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I set home bridge up to get Siri to work with smarthings. I don’t use it nearly as much as I thought we would. And all the apps I found to use are worse that STs app (no small feet to get under that bar).

End of the day, I would rather see ST get Siri instead of HomeKit.


I can almost see someone in Samsung’s boardroom puking at the very mention of HomeKit :wink:


Lutron Caséta, Philips Hue, Ecobee, and Insteon all have HomeKit integrations. Integration is strictly a business strategy decision, not a technical one.

False, it is very much a technical decision. Most of those integrations needed to come out with a brand new hub in order to support Homekit.


I compeletly forgot about homebridge.
However, although I am addicted to apple, I will never be able to leave SmartThings because of the powerful community.
I will try homebridge with the new HomeKit app to see if it works together.

However, it seems Apple just expanded the list of compatible products, adding most of the products I have in my home. All I can say is that HomeKit has a better UI that ST and that is why I would like to control my home with HomeKit.

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That is correct, I found Apple’s HomeKit restrictions and they are LONG and would ruin SmartThings.

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They all needed to come with new versions since Apple added a hardware requirement for a security chip. But multiple vendors were able to do so without breaking their business models which is evidence that others choose not to do it rather than being technically prevented from doing it.

If HomeKit had unreasonable technical requirements like a chip that required a substantial price increase in the product or required that the product only work with HomeKit, I’d view those as substantial technical barriers. However, the new AppleKit-compliant versions sold at a similar price and don’t require HomeKit to operate. Nest doesn’t support AppleKit because it isn’t in the strategic business interest of Google, not because of technical requirements that would be hard to meet. The same thing goes for Samsung and SmartThings.

Insteon has taken a somewhat different path than Hue and Lutron by releasing a HomeKit-only hub at double the price of their non-HomeKit hub. However, the Hue/Lutron examples make me think that was more a market segmentation strategy than a technical strategy.

The challenge for Apple is strengthening the functional capabilities of HomeKit while convincing 3rd-party companies that there’s money to be made selling HomeKit products. Today, they are shipping a “minimum viable product” while the only people that appear to be making any real money are startups like Nest, DropCam, and SmartThings that get bought out.

LadySapphy, which HK apps have you tried? I find Eve, Home, and Hesperus to work well and a lot more straightforward than the ST app (which I also use some of the time). Siri is infuriating much of the time because it either doesn’t understand the words or doesn’t link the words to the desired action. Things are slowly getting better as it trains me and I train it but it requires way too much effort for limited reward at this point. I got an Echo last week to see if it’s any better but it’s too soon to tell.

Homebridge with ST seems to work decently once a few issues with the plug-in got sorted.

I tried a few. I still have iDevices and Eve. IMO EVE looks/feels like STs app for the most part, but it misses something. I am not sure what, just feels off. Again, I didn’t set up Homebridge for Homebridge apps, I wanted Siri. And Siri is annoying. Example

Me: Siri Turn off kitchen light
Siri: I do not see any device by that name
Me: (Sigh) Turn off The Kitchen
Siri: I do not see any device by that name
me: (grrrrrr) SIRI TURN OFF KITCHEN!!
Siri: Ok, the kitchen is off

I know I can play with naming, but it is way to picky

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I guess that a chip is required as most of the products are reintroduced with a HomeKit-compatible version of that same product.

Rumors say that apple might release a personal assistant like amazon echo and google now with a camera which could know who is in the room ( like netatmo home).

Again, it’s not just a technical or just a business decision. Homekit came out after the SmartThings v2 hub was developed which meant there was little chance of it getting the required hardware. Also, the security restrictions on the software side would require then to lock the system down a lot further than they would want to. The reason other hubs have been able to enable homekit is either because they only touch one segment (lighting) or they’re already a closed system (or both). From my understanding the ability for complete developer control over the devices and applications in the SmartThings hub is directly counter to the requirements of homekit.

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Interesting article on this topic here - Apple launches HomeKit app – but where are the products?

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I got it working here with home bridge and iOS 10 beta. See Hello, Home HomeKit (and Siri!) control via homebridge


Wow that’s cool and optimistic. Please share as iOS beta progresses. I don’t know about it well enough but hope it’s not something Apple would ban or disable in final HK release.

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I hope so to @esung

Good work!

That works?