Home Reno - wired or wireless motion sensors?

For those who have done new construction or big renovations, did you go with AC powered motion sensors or battery powered, and why? AC powered (eg Aeotec) sensors tend to be more expensive, plus wiring costs, etc, and fewer options available, but the idea of changing 10-15 battery sensors every few months has me thinking twice.

The specified target goal for most of the battery powered sensors which will work with SmartThings is two years, not a few months. It can still be annoying, but it’s not as annoying.

Most people who are using sensors for home automation in this community seem to choose battery powered ones. They have more features, can be placed in more locations, and are a bit simpler to add to your account. (The exception, as @the2352 notes below, is some of the dual purpose mains powered devices, like the newest GE switch which includes a motion sensor. )

However, there’s another group of community members who are using sensors for security purposes and want at least one on every window. Those folks are generally using inexpensive dumb wired sensors and then connecting them to a smart panel, typically using a product called Konnected. This greatly reduces the total cost of the project.

Very few people use a lot of the smart plug-in sensors. Those are generally just used two or three for an account for some very specific use cases.

See the following recent thread for a detailed discussion of all these options (this is a clickable link)

Im slowing replacing all my battery powered motion sensors with these

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Thanks. Very helpful. Thinking through the alarm issue is also on my to do list. Looks like it just got bumped up on the list!

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Hmm. I hadn’t seen these before. Does ST allow you to trigger actions off the sensor or is it limited to predefined actions by Jasco within the switch (based on the different modes built into the switch)?

We should also mention that quite a few community members will trigger smartthings events off the motion sensors in their smart security cameras. But they don’t usually buy the camera to get the sensor capability, they just use it because it’s already there.

There’s a community created DTH that allows you to trigger actions off the motion sensor seperatly (I use WebCoRE) or indepdently through the DTH

Thanks you - just found the thread!