Hidden Room Access

Hi Folks,
I have an idea for a hidden study/armory/workshop/man cave…(whatever you want to call it)

I am building a bookshelf door out of a solid core door which will look like a built in bookshelf when finished. It will be inward opening.

I would like to have a way to unlock the door using ST automations and products. My idea currently involves using consumer available products so I don’t need to learn coding or use a shield and learn to use that thing either.

Im thinking that I can use a combination of presence sensors (only open when I am home), door/contact sensors (pull a specific book out, move an item, align a toy truck on the shelf, etc) and z-wave locks (quickest 910 or that one that connects to the back of the deadbolt). I would have rare earth magnets or something similar to keep the door closed if the lock wasn’t activated. Also maybe a contact sensor to alert if the door is opened and bring the lights up in the room.

How do-able is this set up (although possible costly). Do you folks who have been doing this a while have any other suggestions?


I don’t see why this couldn’t be hacked :smile:

I believe this has been done. Sesrch for Secret Bookcase.

Been done a couple different ways so far. :blush:

This one uses an Arduino shield, so probably too techie, but might give you some ideas, anyway:

And mine isn’t exactly secret, but could be. So here’s another approach to occupancy that shows combining a sensor with a presence indicator and uses almost no custom code: