Help with ZigBee device type for Wind Speed reporting

Im working on a new device type that will connect to my ZigBee attached anemometer. The anemometer reports its wind speed with the Analog Output Cluster 0x000D on the Home Automation profile. I have it working pretty well with the SmatThings hub and my iPhone. I can read the current wind speed by queering attribute 0x0055 that returns a Single precision floating point value representing the wind speed in MPH .

To display the wind speed in the UI I’m using a value-tile with the “temperature” capability. I would like to use a more generic capability class as this is not a temperature sensor it is a wind sensor. I noticed in this document you have a generic Sensor capability but it doesn’t have any Attributes defined or Commands. How can I use this generic sensor instead of the temperature sensor to report my wind speed?

My next steps are to add two more value tiles that will show up in the details section. I would like them to display the high wind attribute 0x0041 and the low wind speed attribute 0x0045. Im struggling with how to add additional tiles that are not tied to the temperature tile? Any help will be appreciated.

I have IM your tech support on some other developer type questions and they keep pointing me to this forum so I hope this is the correct place for these type of questions.

I found a way past this problem by using custom commands and attributes. The SmartThings doc briefly mentions custom commands and attributes but doesn’t have examples. I finally came across a sample app that was using custom attributes and that solved my problem. My ZigBee anemometer now reports the current wind speed, min and max wind speed as custom attributes. Next step is to act on this data. My goal is to turn off our fountain if the wind is over 5mph and on if it drops to 0mph. The custom attributes are very well illustrated in the sample device type for the Ecobee Thermostat.

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Out of curiosity, what device is it?

Sounds bad ass. I’ve been working on new sensors and have a lot of stuff to add to the ZigBee docs in the near future!

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The Anemometer’s hardware and firmware is an early port of our Furl-Kit It’s the water tight aluminum box in the middle of diagram labeled WT2012 Array CPU G3. We manufacturing and sell them. Today the Furl-Kit communicates over 802.15.4 to an in-house appliance we also manufacture. We are migrating the Furl-Kit solution to the ZigBee Home Automation profile so we can be compliant with devices like your Smart Things Hub. Our goal is to replace our in-house appliance with a Smart Things custom profile and sell a Smart Things Hub with each of our Furl-Kits.

So far things are going very well and In doing this we have realized that our Furl-Kit may be a platform for other ZigBee HA products!!

Looking forward to your new docs!!

@urman It seems like you have been working on Zigbee sensrs and defining Zigbee device types. Do you have some documentation that can help me determine how to define a device type for a device that was created by me? Which zigbee module have you used? Any success lately?

@ashutosh1982 can you tell me some info about your device? profile, supported server clusters, supported client clusters, and manufacture name/modelD/and applicationVersion info would also help.

@urman The problem is that I have to define those things. I am literally building a device from scratch. If you have some time over the weekend and dont mind sparing some time, can you please send me your contact via private message? I can call you and talk to you. Its much easier that way for me to explain.

Shout out to @urman :blush:

@ashutosh1982 pm me some details, not sure if I can help. Also as a disclaimer I do not work for SmartThings.

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I think this deserves a separate discussion thread. :wink:

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@urman, what you don’t work for SmartThings any longer?? Did Samsung suck you up into the corporate machine???

Did you ever get it working? Would love to see the code.


@mager you bet it’s working! I have been using the backyard anemometer with SmartThings all winter and have made a few of them. I submitted it for approval in my publication request (back in July of last year). I also sent one of the devices to Urman for testing but it sat there for a couple of months and I asked him to send it back.

If you guys are caught up I would love to resubmit this device and two others for approval. Should I resubmit my publication request?

PS I got an eMail from you a couple of weeks ago about this device you were asking if I would still like to submit it. I responded with a yes but haven’t heard back.