Help with GE Two Way switch

Simple GE Z-Wave on/off switch to replace a light switch in our play room. I cannot get it hooked up correctly.

Replacing a simple contractor grade on/off switch. Two Back wire going into the bottom of the current on/off (one screwed in, one in the receptacle hole. One black wire going to the top of the on off. I turned the breaker off, and tried putting two wires to Lead one to Line - Nothing. Two wires to line, one to lead , Nothing.

Now I am stuck can’t seem to get power to the switch. Any ideas?

You don’t mention that you’ve got a neutral wire connected. The GEs require a neutral to function properly.

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Hi @faspina, these GE switches require a line, load, ground, and most importantly - neutral (typically white). I bet the bottom two are a line coming in to the switch and out to another switch/receptacle. The top wire is probably the load going to the light. All those wires are black? Find the white neutral wire and you’ll be ok (typically bundled together in the back of the gang box).

I did some googling after my post and figured it out. Luckily the white neutral wire wire nut was tucked up in. Added a jumper and presto. Thanks