Help needed for writing a device handler for Tuya Zigbee Siren

This document below will give you basic anatomy of tuya command system.

In tuya zigbee, refer to parse() function of my sourcecodr to find out how to get dpID and function_command from tuya zigbee packet.

Also refer to sendTuyaCommand() function of my source code about composing zigbee packet from dpID, data type and function_command data.

@iquix that’s excellent information! With your example of a Tuya device handler, the Tasmota resource, and the information I have already reverse-engineered, I will get to work and try my best to get a basic device handler together. I am pretty sure I will hit some additional roadblock before I can come up with something useful - prepare for more questions! :slight_smile:

@frayer Just found some extensive information about the Siren payload. Please, take a look.

That’s very useful, and is totally in line with what I had reverse-engineered. Great.


My Siren just arrived today. Let me know if you need help testing?

Did you ever manage to get it working?

Not yet, I currently have too little time to program a device handler for the siren from scratch. I will try next week or so.

Cool, thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:

i think you can get information from driver writen to HUBITAT:

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Hello. I have a Tuya Siren that I would love to get working with Hubitat, but writing a driver from scratch is beyond me. But I am able to help test or tweak one. If you do manage to get one working (or nearly working) I would appreciate your sharing it on this forum. Many thanks. Peter

Hey guys,

Might have some good news on this. Was looking for any updates and found this, same siren? Can we convert to SmartThings?

Hello again. After a bit of study, I have made an attempt to create my own driver. I think I have a skeleton of one. I have focussed on trying to simply switch on the siren, experimenting with different parameters to the zigbee.command() method.

I have a question of anyone: please would you share how to determine what cluster, command and data is appropriate for the Tuya siren?

Thanks in advance for any pointers.


You may need a Zigbee sniffer to get everything working

you have it at hubitat device driver above

I’ve tried using that driver you suggest ‘as is’ and it does not work with my Tuya siren. I have also delved deep into it and found the "zigbee.command"s it uses, and tried them in my simplified driver, and they do not work there either. So I now intend following Matvel’s advice and get a sniffer.

You don’t need a sniffer. The code just needs a little converting.

Thanks, but I am struggling on which code to change and to what. My Tuya alarm is a different manufacturer, a different model, and uses different clusters. And for all I can see, it may also be using different commands and payloads. The sniffer seems a way to understand what is happening, if I disconnect it from HE, and connect it back to my Tuya ZigBee hub (that combination works).

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Any progress here? i have the same problem with Moes wall switch that have cluster with EF00

Hey I need the exact same one as you. How far are you? something I can try?

Sorry, no further progress. I am resolved to get a sniffer, but other distractions have got in the way!