Help? How the Hell do i install Smart apps? from code?

Hi i am a total newbie i have spent all week trying to install a smart app from code?..I just cannot work it out?
I have found some one who has written his own App for a fibaro RGBW i have tried to copy the code? in to the smartapps webpage i have saved it and published it if i try to use the simulator … i get errors…
I read post after post and cannot find any help…Someone please give me some advise



Maybe this will help ( this is a clickable link)

(BTW, is it possible that this is actually a device type handler and not a smartapp? If so, that would explain why you’re seeing errors. But the FAQ link will explain.)


Thank you for reply and yes you are right… it is a DTH? …I have managed to paste the code and run it via simulation and it worked :)…But how do i add this DTH to my Smarthing?

This is probably a DTH.

Paste the first 20 or 30 lines here, please?
Please Surround with

(three back-quotes on a line by itself) before and after the pasted code.

Once you’ve successfully created your custom DTH (which that’s what this is based on your reply), and you’ve saved it and published it for yourself - with no errors, it’s now time to edit the device. BTW, the simulator sometimes isn’t a good indicator if your DTH really works or not.

To use the DTH code you’ve just published, find the device in the IDE in the My Devices list (or a group/room in the Locations view) and click on it. Next scroll down and click on Edit. Select the DTH you just created and click on Update. In the link @JDRoberts provided you, it’s already documented in there under steps DT5-6.

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Thanks for your help i have managed to work it out :slight_smile: i followed the link and it made sense

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Great… This after reading your reply i hadit working within a few minutes :slight_smile: Thanks