Having a song play on a certain day?

I’d like to have a certain song play on a given date on one or all of my speakers (Home, Alexa…) but not have to program it manually… any ideas how to?

Yes, I’m thinking birthdays or other special dates…

Check out webCoRE


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  1. Alexa can play the song using an Alexa routine ( not a SmartThings routine)

  2. you can trigger an echo routine using a virtual contact sensor. See the FAQ for how to do that

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

  1. now all you need is something to turn on the virtual sensor on the date that you want. Lots of choices for that. Webcore is a good option, but you can also just use Google calendar with IFTTT.

Upgrade to Sonos and your life would be much easier, mixing and matching Alexa and Google Home devices can be a royal pain to make them play a specific song at certain time. (Or stick to one speaker platform)

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Doh! Keep forgetting that Webcore is our friend! LOL! Will give it a go… Thanks for the tip/reminder!

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I’ve got Sonos… lol! if only Assistant were fully available (haven’t checked recently though) with the Beam in Spain…

I do plan to sticking to Google Assistant thru the entire home… I just have Alexa on the Beam in the living room… I was just trying to be as open as possible in my question so that others with other speaker systems would not feel left out… :slight_smile:


I don’t know if it’s regionally restricted, but here in US, Beam has integration with google assistant. Go to Sonos app >> … more >> Settings >> Room Settings >> select your Beam >> check Voice Services :wink:

The nice thing about Sonos is that you can send TTS from SmartThings directly (or start playing), even if your Voice Service is using Alexa or Google Assistant.