SmartThings Community Mqtt Bridge problem


I’ve had this happen with the retain: true option enabled. In addition, it may seem weird but every time I add more devices, I make a quick copy of the config, uninstall the Mosquito broker within hass (or whatever your environment) and then re-install with the previous config. Until I did the reinstall, I kept getting “ghost” commands aka lights turning on/off without my intervention. Note that you may need to restart the SmartThingsBridge for everything to go back to normal as well.

I have had to do this anytime I added new devices to the mix.

(Eddy) #22

Ill give it a try and report back!

(Lance) #23

I have my Pi on wifi but my ST hub is connected to ethernet. Could this be a/the problem?

(Ryan Ray Neff) #24

I think it’s unlikely if they both connecting to the same router. Are they? If so, the first place i’d recommend looking for clues is in log in the hassio bridge module.