MQTT bridge cannot connect to Smartthings

I try to connect my HA with ST by mosquitto and MQTT bridge. I install mosquitto and bridge in one pi with raspbian IP, and HA in another pi

After install mosquitto, npm and node, I follow this guide to install mqtt bridge:

sudo npm install -g smartthings-mqtt-bridge
sudo npm install pm2@latest -g
pm2 start smartthings-mqtt-bridge
sudo nano config.yml
    # Specify your MQTT Broker URL here
    host: mqtt://localhost
    # Example from CloudMQTT
    # host: mqtt:///

    # Preface for the topics $PREFACE/$DEVICE_NAME/$PROPERTY
    preface: smartthings

    # Suffix for the state topics $PREFACE/$DEVICE_NAME/$PROPERTY/$STATE_SUFFIX
    # state_suffix: state
    # Suffix for the command topics $PREFACE/$DEVICE_NAME/$PROPERTY/$COMMAND_SUFFIX
    # command_suffix: cmd

    # Other optional settings from
    username: mosquitto username
    password: mosquitto password

# Port number to listen on
port: 8080

pm2 restart smartthings-mqtt-bridge

Then set up the Device Handler, Smart App IDE, and MQTT device
port: 8080
mac: 12ab34cd56ef

The MQTT bridge is available on the Smartthings App, it display as a grey “OK”.

I try to use this command to check the activity of the device:

pm2 logs smartthings-mqtt-bridge

But there is only some basic connecting information and without any response for my motion sensor and simulate switch.

I use this command to check the usage of ports

sudo netstat -tulpn

It seems that the mqtt-bridge listen 8080 at ipv6 only. I am not sure it is the problem or not.

Same issue, and same insight (8080 TCP6) , any solutions?

Late reply but may help someone else.

Navigate to /usr/lib/node_modules/smartthings-mqtt-bridge
Edit server.js
Change app.listen(config.port, next); to app.listen(config.port, ‘’, next);