Grouping lights to switch?

ok so i am still new with home automation as well as smartthing. i been doing just a 1 to 1 on light switches or just outlets. i have a few lights in my living room and would like to link them all to 1 switch. is there a way to do that where i can have 1 button to turn on/off all the living room lights as well if need be have a few extra buttons for other lights i might want to add in or use for around the house? also i know there are expensive one but looking for a switch under $70.00.

thank you.


Sure, there are several ways to do that, but the most important thing to know is that any device which talks to the smartthings hub can then be used to trigger multiple other messages to other devices that talk to the smartthings hub. So you can have any switch or button which is controlled by the hub then trigger events on any of your other smartthings – controlled devices. :sunglasses:

There’s a how to article in the community – created wiki on how to group lights which will show you one way to do this, and mentions a couple of others.

As far as extra buttons and switches, again there are a lot of choices. You might take a look at the buttons FAQ for some ideas:

as of right now i only have 1 switch that controls my Dinning room. i have not bought one because i have been trying to find out what will work and how to do it. its hard when i try looking for 1 but most videos on youtube dont show the “how it works” just installing and finish product, does not show how they set it up, or if they do show the setup its not on Smartthing hub but different hub. during the holdiay break i moved some lights together in the living room and want to add in a light switch so i can control all of them with 1 button.

Are they dumb bulbs in regular table lamps? Or are they smart bulbs?

Either way, you might find the following recent thread interesting:

they are dumb bulbs connected by GE Z-Wave Wireless Lighting Control Lamp Module, thanks for the link, i am going to read it next. also sorry for repeat question. Also i was reading a light switch (link below) it says Secondary controller; requires primary controller (not included) - is the primary controller the smartthing hub?

The primary controller is the smart things hub, yes.

That particular device is what is called a “local scene controller” and it will only be able to work with other Z wave devices which are within one hop of it. So most people using SmartThings choose other similar devices which have more flexibility.

See the following recent discussion: