Grouping 3 Innr Light bulbs as one?

I just bought 3 Innr RB 185 C smart RGBW dimmable light bulbs which I installed on a single light fixture that takes 3 light bulbs.

The only problem is that in ST I need to switch on each individual light bulb to get the light fixture on the full on position.

Is there any way to group the 3 bulbs as 1 item in ST so I dont need to give 3 commands to switch on and 3 more to switch off?


One option is to create a virtual switch that controls the three.

There is an app called trendsetter. I think this is the post with the link to the GITHUB Repo.

Github Repo

Thank you Bago,

Does the Virtual Switch solution allow you to play with the bulk colors?

Trend Setter is the easier option.

If all you want is to turn them on and off as a group, you can just use the official smart lighting feature. But that doesn’t let you dim them together or change colors, so if you want that trendsetter is a better choice.

There is a how to article in the community – created wiki on grouping lights that discusses these options:

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