Gosund Wifi plugs?

Does anyone know Gosund wifi plug work with Smartthings?

If the brand isn’t listed in the app, then it usually isn’t officially supported.


Unlike z wave and zigbee, there is no standardized home automation command format for Wi-Fi. Each manufacturer makes up their own. So as @Automated_House said, unless the brand is listed in the app as one of those for which Samsung or the Manufacturer has created an integration, it won’t work out of the box.

There are some possible alternative methods, it just varies from model to model. And some models won’t be able to be integrated at all. See the community FAQ:

Otherwise, if you haven’t bought the plugs yet, the TP Link Kasa line has an official integration now and is usually comparable in price and features to the other popular WiFi brands. Meross also has an integration and are typically well engineered.

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