Google vs Amazon Feud


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Amazon will probably want to charge extra for it. Just like they did with Amazon Prime Music which is part of Prime membership, then they added Music Unlimited and charged $8 more a month to Prime members that signed up for it. In doing so they also removed some channels/playlists from Prime Music forcing members to get Music Unlimited if they wanted to get those channels/playlists.

Amazon Prime Music is now the third largest music subscription service behind Spotify and Apple.

I don’t doubt that, but which Amazon Music?

Prime Music is included with a Prime membership. I know a lot of people that have Prime and whether they use the music feature or not they would be counted in the stats.

Music Unlimited is an additional service. I don’t know of anybody willing to pay for what they are already paying for the with music service that’s included with Prime.

Would buying Music Unlimited then double count the numbers for stats (Prime music 1 + Music Unlimited 1= 2) even though it’s still just one account?

I downloaded the Silk browser for Fire TV. It’s usable but rather cumbersome trying to search or navigate with the Fire TV remote.

just tested mine and indeed getting the web browser pop-up. This seems like a preemptive move from Amazon since its redirecting you to their other apps.

Expect music streaming prices to go up.

Hopefully that does not mean Amazon will stop supporting Nest with Alexa. Amazon and Google are two of the largest profit companies and yet they can’t find a way to work together. They are trying to monopolize everything and not be willing to share. They want users to choose either Amazon products or Google products but not both.


Looks like the feud is ending…

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