Google Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards

I found this app on Google recently. For those of who you do not know, it’s an app that rewards you for participating in short surveys. The money gets added to your Google Wallet. I’m surprised why it’s only rated 3.9/5 :thinking:

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I’ve made $45 in play credits with this app over the last two years. You get more surveys if your location setting is on. Haven’t paid real money for an app yet :sunglasses:

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I use it also. . . but every time I question why I am willingly giving Google all this info. Then I think, well I give Google all my info anyway, so why not and collect my 16 cents.


Wow, who doesn’t love free money? :smile:

I’ve been using some to purchase in-game currency.

True story, mate.

Long time ago I installed the app, did the first survey, never heard back from them again. Guess they didn’t like how I responded in the first one. :frowning:

Yeah I’ve been using this app for like 4 years now. Google already knows what I’m doing and where, so I figured might as well make a few pennies off them anyway… :slight_smile:


That’s quite a lot!