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From the presentation it will do even more.


Dots for sale! LOL – anyways, this is another gadget that would want me to enable my search and browsing history. Google Now doesn’t show me much on my phone because it wants me to enable history… um no thanks :slight_smile:

It used to show me tracking info for internet orders and reservations but not anymore.

(Tony) #23

I am not going to lie…I am a google fanboy and love their voice recognition. I already run into queries that my alexa stumbles on or doesn’t understand. Needs to be a simple query. Honestly, google now is much better. So long as it can control and talk to things like smartthings, i think it will crush alexa capability. Alexa skills are cool, but difficult to find and deploy. Plus the integration with a chromecast…and interaction more directly with my phone, it’s a no brainer. In the demo, it got traffic updates and threw it to the phone automatically…awesome.

I am selling an original alexa and a dot lol…any takers…shipment in summer! :wink:

(Jason) #24

The article from the verge has the introductory video… It looks… Amazing!!! Of course it’s all vaporware until it’s actually out there, but if this supports multiple rooms / cross device/platforms like shown in the video it’s going to be killer! I really hope that they allow custom wake commands.


Just the Video is the site to sign up on to follow. The verge had the wrong address posted.

Edited bad link

(Tony) #25

The site is live…already signed up lol.


(Beckwith) #26

Competition is great!


They’ve given examples of custom wake words “OK Google” versus “hey google” which I’m guessing would be to keep your phone from responding when you try to talk to home (which, by the way, is a really dumb name, unless they want to force people to always say “Google home” which maybe was the idea). Only now I have to tell people to “Google Google home” which, just, no. :scream:

(Jason) #28

Google has chosen not to open up a developer API for its assistant or for this device just yet.

OUCH! Any ST employee care to chime in to let us know if you’ve been talking to google about an integration, or if you just found out about it today like us mere mortals? If you did just find out about it, Please let us know at the very least if you guys are having a conversation about it!! *mouth watering from that video…

Edit: Again, ouch:


Instead, Google Home is going to work with a smaller set of home automation devices

And here I was thinking that Alexa should be able to do much much more!


I really like the video, but of course, as others have said, still vaporware like all pre-release videos. It implies you can have more than one traffic route to check, which would be really nice. And some other nice interactions.

Can’t quite tell, but it looks to me like this is coming out of the “works with nest” concept. Hence the smaller set of devices. Also noticed there was no video of doorlock controls. I’m guessing this is intended to compete with HomeKit with regards to security (assuming, of course, that HomeKit can ever solve the power issue for battery operated devices).

If it works with the hue bridge, I will definitely consider it. And as others have said, competition is good in any case. :sunglasses:

(Jason) #30

I noticed this as well, As long as it integrates directly to smartthings lights we can control them via virtual switches like we do with alexa :smirk:

(Justin Wurth) #31

Another interesting tidbit was it’s ability to recognize who was talking to it. How did it know to assign the directions to the husband’s phone and to change the dinner reservations to the wife’s? This would be a big step forward compared to the Echo imho.


I think you are making a big assumption with that thought. The device would be way more useful if it could do this but nothing they showed indicated that to be the case.

(Jason) #33

The company also announced a messaging app called Allo in conjunction with the new Assistant and Google Home. The app offers suggestive replies to your messages and even photos, changes message sizes to convey “loud” or “quiet” expressions and lets you draw directly on images, according to a demo at the event.

For instance, when sent a photo of food, Allo can detect what the food is and suggest a reply of “yummy” or “I love linguine,” Google’s developers demonstrated.

From CNBC’s article


This also seems strange:

unfortunately, the Home won’t support multiple Google accounts at launch, but the company says that will come in time.

Echo allows for multiple profiles.

(Justin Wurth) #35

Yes I was assuming some things, but they left that up for assumption with how they had the responses state that “I have sent the directions to your phone” and then when the wife was talking it was going to send a message to her friend which it would have to know who the user was and have access to the phone contacts from that users phone. Again still assuming a lot and yes this is still vaporware so these may be implied vapor features.

(Jason) #36

Not always, I preordered the dots and tap, but I agree that the time frame was much less than these types of announcments.


LOL, ahhh tech companies do this all the time. Microsoft is the worst about it. So many times I got a MS product in hand only to realize I couldn’t do what the video had given the impression I could.

(Jason) #38

Google Home Launch partners… No SmartThings :cry:

(Bobby) #39

Ok, watched that video and I can do everything with Alexa and I like Hey Alexa much better than Hey Google, BUT when I asked Alexa if she can show me that on TV, she asked me what would I like to order. And then I asked Alexa to send a text to my wife and she said “I am not sure how can I help you with that!”



Those are just the services apps. They haven’t put up any list yet of the devices they’re going to support as far as I’ve heard. Lots of people waiting to hear if the Hue bridge, for example, will work.