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Android already updated it. Already adding another account. Now only waiting for voice training.

(Jordon) #1426

When I went to look at my Google home in devices it had a blue bar saying multiple accounts. I don’t remember my app updating either. Usually have to manually uodate. Just showed up.

(Graham) #1427

Just got an email from Lutron dealer support that Caseta, RadioRA2, and Homeworks QS now support Google Assistant!

Awesome news both for home enthusiasts and pro installers. I imagine Smartthings integration/support isn’t far behind.

(Diego Yong) #1428

has anyone experiencing google home having trouble turning on/off all lights in a group? I have 3 bulbs and 1 lightstrip called kitchen, and every now and then if I tell GH to turn Kitchen Lights On, it says ok, but only 2 bulbs get turned on. It isn’t always the same bulb either, and it sometimes happens when turning off as well… This only happens with that one fixture. I have some Hues in my living room and that does not happen there…

Anyone else, experiencing anything like that?


I can’t say that I have ever had that happen. Does this ever happen when issuing the same command from the SmartThings mobile app? As an experiment you could create a routine called Kitchen Lights On and one called Kitchen Lights Off. Try using these two routines for a while and see if the problem also shows up there. I think it’s more likely that you have a device that is not being responsive to SmartThings commands rather than Google Home.


The official Lutron/SmartThings integration was announced in January 2017 at CES, and released in March, a few weeks before the Lutron/Google assistant integration. So it’s already here. :sunglasses:

(Dana ) #1431

Anyone hate the feature to have multiple accounts on GH as much as I do?

It just doesn’t work, it is so unreliable I cannot believe it. At least five or six times out of 10, it doesn’t recognize me and refuses to control things with Our Groceries or Harmony. Why the heck it would tie Harmony and Our Groceries to having a specific account I don’t know. Just annoying…


It happens to me consistently:

This didn’t work for me but might for you:

(Neal ( / #1433

New update!

You can play music from your own library now. Article below:

(Brent ) #1434

Yes I consistently have issue with devices not responding to commands from google home. That being said I’m not sure if its google or smartthings that’s the issue. I have a mix of Hue, LiFX and Lutron Caseta, and WeMO switches. It does seem to be specific to any of them sometime one or two just don’t respond to on/off or color change. It seemed like its gotten worse, I believe google did an update to the Home app and now my chromecast audio and video integrations are broken and they have no answer.

(jkp) #1435


I seen that too. Now that is cool. No Membership fee (PRIME) and free shipping if you meet the minimum requirement. I am so there. Now Add the GH Calling which I tested yesterday from my Google Home device and you have a Winnet!


Only kind of tangentially related to the thread, but thought might be useful to someone. I have been pulling my hair out since GH calling would not work. I would try to make a call, it would respond that it was and spin the lights, then say there was a glitch or something went wrong and try again. Last night I decided to stop waiting for a fix and see if I could figure it out. After trying all sorts of things including looking a router logs, changing router filtering settings, resetting the device, I decided to connect to my 2G wifi instead of my 5G. Voila! It works!


False alarm. Back to not working. :frowning:


Finally think I figured it out for real. It was that my router had parental controls using OpenDNS turned on. Even if I set the Home to have no filtering, or turned the default level to no filtering, it still caused a problem. I was able to turn on/off and it didn’t/did work twice so I am pretty sure that’s it. Now I have to choose between the filtering and the calling :thinking:

(Andrew Caudle) #1440

Can you set up a separate wifi network (perhaps using the guest wifi) for the google home without filtering?


Thanks for the suggestion, but I already checked that out. Looks like my DNS settings are global for the router. I can’t see a way to configure it one way for the main network and another for the guest network. The xfinity access point of one of my neighbors does show up but its just weak enough the home won’t latch onto it.


So I’ve added a few ST momentary push buttons to my set up. What is the correct voice command for Google Home for these? I’ve tried “turn on”, “start”, “toggle”, and “push” and now I’m out of ideas.

(Micheal ) #1443

“On” should work…Hey Google, turn On {switch}…be sure to check the log of the device…momentary switches do revert back quickly so you may not be seeing the change.


That’s what I thought. But GH just keeps telling me she isn’t sure how to help.