Google home playback control


I just got a google home after a coincidental trip to the shop on the morning it was released in the UK. Seeing the smartthings integration, multiroom syncing with chromecast audio I thought it would be a sonos / echo dot killer.

For starters this dinky thing can’t compare to a play1 for size and and quality of sound. It’s fine for background though. I’d rather have a different speaker maybe Bose and use a chromecast with the aux input.

The main issue is playback control. How can I at least see status and playback control via smartthings / action tiles? With sonos this was native, but selecting music wasn’t easy outside the sonos app. Now selecting music is easy but I can’t integrate “good night” to stop all chromecast/homes from playing.

Have I missed something?!


Right, done some more searching and found bubbleupnp, this appears to make the chromecasts appear as a upnp devices so you can use the media rendered device.

I’m assuming this will allow status display as well as control, and hopefully work for the home speaker itself.

Trials will start tonight!

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Did you get anywhere with this? I’m very interested in Chromecast audio + smartthings.

haven’t tried this myself but it should allow you to integrate CC audio and ST.

Awesome, thanks, I’ll be looking into this for sure.