Google Assistant and Setting Values?

Morning all,

Is there any way to currently extract values from a Google Assistant query and store this in a variable within WebCoRE? I’m thinking from the point of view of being able to tell Google what time I’ll be waking in the morning and then be able to get pistons to run at this time.

I’m suspecting this sort of request might require a Google Action to be created in their SDK, or maybe an IFTTT action with Assistant as the This and Maker Channel, as That, but I’d be interested to know everyones thoughts.



If you can make an https request to google and return json data, you can access it using the $args pseudo-variable. You can access the json structure by using $


IFTTT works great, here’s an example I have to pass a command and count from GH -> IFTTT -> webCoRE -> node.js on raspberry pi -> Harmony hub