Gocontrol z-wave dimmable led light bulb buzzing

gocontrol z-wave dimmable led light bulb buzzing when off and has power.

no noticeable buzzing when on.

That’s pretty strange. You are using an on/off switch and not a dimmer switch to provide power for the bulb and not a dimmer switch correct? Maybe move the bulb to another circuit branch to eliminate the power source.

It was in one of those bendable desk top lamps that plugs in and has a turn-able switch on the back of the lamp hood.

I did try it in on of those little outlet to light adapters at a different outlet, but it still buzzed when switched off/dimmed down.

I havent tried it at a different offsite location yet as the hub has to go with it to switch it off/dim it down.

If it’s a typical metal gooseneck lamp, you can definitely get buzzing in all kinds of weird situations. Buzzing just means something is vibrating, and one of the things about metal is that it changes temperature easily. So when the light is on, the metal pieces may fit just a little different than when the light is off. Or the temperature of the bulb may be significantly different because the hood on the lamp gets hot when the bulb is on.

Try the same bulb in a different fixture and see if it still buzzes. If it does, it may be a defective bulb, it can happen. If it doesn’t, it’s probably the gooseneck lamp, and you may just have a problem finding any dimmable bulb that will work with that particular lamp.

I’m pretty sure its the light itself as I read a reviewer had the same issue.

Sorry, but turntable on/off switch or turntable dimmer switch? I would definitely move the bulb to another socket just to eliminate the possibility of that switch.

Okay, as I said in my first post I tried an outlet to socket adapter which does not have a switch.

outlet to light socket adapter