GoControl Z-Wave dimmable LED BULB $11.87 w/Prime

GoControl Z-Wave dimmable LED BULB $11.87 w/Prime

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i don’t think prime is required, i’m seeing same price and i don’t have prime currently…wait… now it shows $19.99 for me and prime for 11.87… weird

I only mention Prime for the free shipping, otherwise you will need to spend $49 to get free shipping. I still see the $11.87 price under “other sellers” though.

How is this bulb compare to the Phillips hue white?

i like the idea of having these but wonder how useful they would be… since you have to use a controller to turn the light off. mate use it on my garageoudoor lights since the light sensor just stopped working. but then they would probably fail once a week due to ST issues

I ordered five of them. In my bedroom I have a lamp with two bulbs and each has its own pull chain to turn it on/off. So, I’ll have one bulb that has its switch always on with a z-wave bulb and the other with a standard bulb that I can use normally.

The other four will go in my garage, where I don’t have a good switch to turn on/off overhead lighting.

This one is Z wave, the Phillips hue is zigbee light link. This one should work well as a Z wave repeater as long as it’s on power.

This one is 750 lm, the hue white is 800. So the hue is somewhat brighter.

This one also sits right at 2700k , the Hue white says it does, but to my eye it’s a little less yellow than that.

This one uses 9 W, the hue white uses 9.5, which probably accounts for the difference in lumens.

Both are A19s.

So pretty similar. That Hue white draws a little more power and is a little brighter. Of course the protocol difference is important, but may not matter to an individual customer. :sunglasses::bulb:

The other big difference for me is that the Hue white ( attached to the hue bridge) works with the new Hue motion sensor, and we really like those. You could use any smart things – controlled motion sensor with the gocontrol bulbs, but then you have to write a bunch of rules to get the same end result. And the hue motion sensors Will work even if the Internet is out, which is very valuable to me although other people might not care as much.

The hue bridge also has its own native integration with echo, which means echo control would continue to work even if the SmartThings account was unavailable. The go control will depend on SmartThings working in order for anything else to work.

But $12 is a great price for the gocontrol, so it just comes down to your individual needs.

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I went the wall switch/dimmer route. I just can’t see me having to dim my lights through my phone without a physical switch on the wall which these do not work with.

Sux that the GEs I have are $44 a pop (4 of these!) but hopefully when the bulb goes out, 8 years from now, the switch will still work with whatever bulb is available at that time…And most of my fixtures have 3 to 4 bulbs in them. I was able to get dimmable A19s for $3/bulb so…

Really just thinking out loud here because if one needed automated lights without the need for a dimmable switch, this price is pretty darn good!

Go control also offers a smart switch cover which fits over your existing switch and then gives you a wall switch to control the bulb. Works very well. :sunglasses:

Community members have created a device type handler for the smart switch cover, so you can use it as a regular button controller.


There are other options as well. See: