Getting started with Core (for Dummies)

Is there a tutorial or video that explains the basics and shows how to get started using Core? I can’t even figure out how to install the software (let alone trying to develop a piston).

Hoping it may address a few specific questions:

  • Can I run Core on my iPhone…or does it have to be on a computer?
  • On the computer, I see to “open the IDE”…can’t figure what that means exactly. Is that a website, or software I need to install?
  • I see a webpage with some “github” software…but not sure what to do with it (there isn’t an “INSTALL” button)…
  • Would love to see someone then use the software to develop a basic piston.

I have looked through a bunch of links…but none are basic enough to get me started. Would appreciate any help you can point me to.


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Here’s something to get started.


The custom code FAQ linked to above should answer most of your questions, but with regard to this one…

CORE will actually run in the SmartThings cloud, on the company’s servers.

You will do a one time setup to publish it to your account by using the IDE in a web browser.

Once it’s installed in your account, you’ll be able to set up individual rules, called Pistons, by using the SmartThings mobile app on your phone. But when the rules actually run, they’ll be running in the cloud.

You can see piston examples in the peer assistance thread:


Thanks all for that help. It took me a couple hours to find the right instructions, but the setup is really simple…

Step 1. Login in to the Smartthings IDE website (with the login/password from your Smartthings account) at:

Step 2. Inside that Smartthings IDE website, install the CoRE app (I used the Github version), with the instructions at:

Now I will attempt a piston setup!


Is using the app the only way to create pistons? Can they not be created using a txt editor in some way?

There’s an author thread, ask there. :wink:

I attempted to follow the github installation process for CoRE and thought I was all set. I went to my android and looked to install the smartapp from the marketplace and cant locate it.

Can someone help straighten me out?

Can you list every step you took to install Core?

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After signing in to my ide I followed this links install to a T…

The one thing I skipped over was the manual install steps. Is that needed? Thanks for the help.

Did you check Publish before hitting Execute? Not doing that will cause the SmartApp not to show up in the mobile app.

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Yes I did. To assure, I just deleted and tried to add the app again with the publish box was checked and it’s still not showing in the marketplace.

Do I need to reboot my hub or take any other actions?

Tinkering all morning with no luck. At a complete loss. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Does the smartapp show up in the IDE SmartApps list?

No, michael. Its not listed.

Try the manual method. Have you installed a custom smart app before?

No, this is all new to me. I added all the other smartapps from smartthings published them and authorized a few in oauth. Still not showing in the marketplace : (.

I just went through this myself. Once you’ve followed all the steps to add CoRE to your Smartapps in the IDE, you will find it in the Smartthings App on your phone under: Automation->SmartApps->Add a SmartApp, then scroll to the bottom of the list and look for “My Apps”.

At least, that’s where I found it on my Android phone. Good Luck!

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Hello guys, I have a silly question. How to create more pistons? I was exploring one piston on what conditions can be made and realize I cannot find the way to create my second piston.

Help appreciated!

Thank you, ended up locating them in that same place :).