WebCoRE Routine to disable "Code Entry On" for RBoy

I have Iris v2 Zigbee keypad and with that I use device handler and SmartApp from RBoy.
Everything works fine. But I would like the iris Keypad V2 to disable the keypad after 3 invalid/bad pin.

I have beeen in touch with RBoy, and they said the only way to do that now is to create a WebCoRE routine. I have never done that so I’m not sure how to do it.

There is one button called “Code Entry On”, I would like after 3 invalid pin codes to set it to “Code Off”. So I wonder if anyone could help me?

I have attached a picture of the “Code Entry On” button

You may also want to post on the webcore community forum as there are some experts over there who enjoy helping users with piston design and setup.


Thank you for your help