Geofence setup--can it be different for arrival and departure?

Im trying to find a balance with my geofences, for my goodbye and arrival routines that open and close my garage door. With arrival, I would like the geofence to be a little bigger so I don’t have to wait for my garage door to open and when leaving I want the geofence to be a little smaller so my garage door will close quick considering I won’t be able to see if someone darts any house. Is this possible at all?

Not with the native mobile presence, but webcore can do this.


It’s not possible if you are using the same method each time.

There are two possible approaches.

  1. use one method for departure, such as the standard phone presence, and a different method for arrival, such as the ST keyfob sensor or an IBeacon, both of which have shorter detection range than phone GPS
  1. check with the experts in the webcore forum as there is a method for doing it that way.
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I think JD and I just cross-posted. Here’s an intro video to webcore to explain a bit more about what it is.


Keep in mind that WebCoRE presence sensor is broken for many/all Android Oreo users. The same thing can also be accomplished with Tasker and SharpTools, but this route is not free.


Thanks for pointing that out.

I use iOS, and full disclosure I only tried out the webcore presence sensor briefly then decided to uninstall it since ST native mobile presence usually works fine for me in the last year or two.

If you want the departure to be wider you may want to consider using the “Action delay time” feature for “Everyone Leaves” in a routine.

Lot of great info to look over, at the moment im using sharptools, autolocation, and tasker. Ive got it down to about 1-2 mins before the routines trigger. Would like to time it to when I get about a half block away from my house the routines fire. Thanks everyone for pointing me in the right direction